Resource sharing

Here, we are considering how we can better use resources to reduce consumption and waste. The two main activities we are exploring are:

  1. A community sharing shop (Borrow Shop – BOSH)
  2. A Repair cafe

Library of things and repair shops- why should we bother?

Things are so cheap these days. All over the internet are bits of technology or devices that can be had for very little money compared to in the past. While this is great for our wallets, it’s not great for our planet. Products are cheap because in a battle for profits, companies use the cheapest materials they can find to make their devices. This means they don’t last as long. But they don’t have to last as long, because in the race for the next big thing, people don’t keep their items for as long. Why would a phone company design a phone to last 4 years when most people keep them for two? This also means that people don’t bother to fix things; if you’re phone breaks after a year, why bother repairing it? It’s cheaper to buy a newer, better one instead! And then because more things are being made, more new material is produced with more environmental cost. It’s a vicious cycle which is causing damage the environment by using valuable resources to make more and more stuff.

We can combat this though! Local repair shops are popping up all around the country. A bit like the TV show, people bring their broken items to a location and practically minded people agree to have a go repairing them. This way, the user gets to keep their item and carry on using it for longer. They then don’t buy a new one and so less new material is needed to make new stuff.

A library of things is similar! Many of us have bits and bobs we’ve bought and used once only for it to gather dust in the garage. How many tile cutters are there in Malmesbury I wonder? All used once when you were brave enough to do your bathroom four years ago, but never used since. How better would it have been if you could have just borrowed one instead? That’s what a library of things does! A group of community items that you can borrow for a small fee instead of buying a new one. This again means that less new stuff is being made and so less new materials are needed.

On an individual scale, repair shops and libraries of things might seem almost irrelevant, but on a large scale it can have an impact. Not only will it help to reduce the waste of resources, but it will eventually cause the manufacturers to rethink how they make their things. Malmesbury Climate Action Network is looking to set up a repair shop and a library of things so that the residents of Malmesbury and surrounding villages can make that choice.


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Examples of resource sharing ongoing in the community: