MCAN is the latest addition to a diverse range of groups, organisations and programmes in the town that are helping people to live more sustainably. These include:

  1. Malmesbury Community Orchard Project – or find out more via the Fruitful Malmesbury website.
  2. Malmesbury Against Plastic – working towards Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Community status and encouraging our local citizens, businesses, community groups and spaces to reduce their SUP usage.
  3. Malmesbury Gardeners Exchange – a fantastic Facebook group where members exchange or swap all items garden related… and all for free!
  4. Malmesbury Area Pathfinders – providing some free resources including walking guides, information and news to encourage walking in and around Malmesbury
  5. T-h-e Earthsavers – founded by three young children in the town and running in partnership with the Athlestan Museum, Back For The Future is a youth group formed to help spread the word about learning the lessons of the past to make our futures more sustainable