Resource Sharing in Action: The Heals Tech/Bike Donation Campaign

Our friends at Heals Malmesbury support people in Malmesbury and surrounding villages who may be in poverty, vulnerable or disadvantaged.

As part of their Covid-19 response, they are asking for the community to take part in resource sharing by donating any unwanted and unused tech equipment and bikes, that can be cleaned up and passed along to a family or individual in need.

If you have a piece of technical equipment – for example old iPads, Computers and Laptops that you’d like to donate to the scheme – there are collection points in both of the Co-ops in Malmesbury. Please speak to a member of staff or Manager within the shop who can point you to the drop off point.

If you have a bike to donate, please give Heals an email on  so that you can organise safe collection/drop off.