Tree planting

Here are the 225 trees which were due to be planted in Spring but due to the lockdown restrictions they are currently planted in Julie’s garden:

The trees are a range of different species from Silver Birch, Rowan, Wild Cherry, Blackthorn and hedge saplings consist of Dog Rose, Hawthorn, Hazel, Crab Apple, Dogwood These would have been planted in a range of different places that were picked out to benefit Malmesbury as a town. And Helping The Community Of Malmesbury will always be proud of picking these locations. As soon as possible we hope to get them planted in the proper locations. We have many ideas for the future we would like to do to benefit Malmesbury’s environment.

Lockdown idea

Lockdown Campaign Idea: Write to our Councillors to ask them to consider their approach to mowing down verges, teeming with wildlife. Have a look at the campaign for #nomowmay – the National Trust is one of many participants.

The Blue Campaign – what’s it all about?

We were recently made aware of the Blue Campaign which…

  1. Asks Councils to “allocate areas of land which you manage to wildflower meadow. This would mean an annual cut-and-collect followed by little or no maintenance, reducing your costs and carbon footprint, whilst encouraging wildlife to re-inhabit the area”
  2. Working with Plantlife, provides best practice guidance for Councils to consider managing verges
  3. Provides templates to encourage the public to write to our District and Town Councillors to raise awareness of the campaign

Our neighbours in Stroud Town Council, Chipping Sodbury Town Council, and South Gloucestershire Council are leading the way on this…. time to take action Wiltshire!

Find out more here: