New Event: Virtual Talk 7pm 15th June

We’re thrilled to welcome Professor David Waltham for the inaugural event of our FREE “Climate Conversations” series, with his talk “Flattening the Greenhouse Gas Curve”.  

The event will be recorded and taking place via Zoom.

Find out more here:

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

*The talk will be recorded and uploaded to our website afterwards

The Blue Campaign – what’s it all about?

We were recently made aware of the Blue Campaign which…

  1. Asks Councils to “allocate areas of land which you manage to wildflower meadow. This would mean an annual cut-and-collect followed by little or no maintenance, reducing your costs and carbon footprint, whilst encouraging wildlife to re-inhabit the area”
  2. Working with Plantlife, provides best practice guidance for Councils to consider managing verges
  3. Provides templates to encourage the public to write to our District and Town Councillors to raise awareness of the campaign

Our neighbours in Stroud Town Council, Chipping Sodbury Town Council, and South Gloucestershire Council are leading the way on this…. time to take action Wiltshire!

Find out more here:

Resource Sharing in Action: The Heals Tech/Bike Donation Campaign

Our friends at Heals Malmesbury support people in Malmesbury and surrounding villages who may be in poverty, vulnerable or disadvantaged.

As part of their Covid-19 response, they are asking for the community to take part in resource sharing by donating any unwanted and unused tech equipment and bikes, that can be cleaned up and passed along to a family or individual in need.

If you have a piece of technical equipment – for example old iPads, Computers and Laptops that you’d like to donate to the scheme – there are collection points in both of the Co-ops in Malmesbury. Please speak to a member of staff or Manager within the shop who can point you to the drop off point.

If you have a bike to donate, please give Heals an email on  so that you can organise safe collection/drop off.

We now have an Instagram!

Thanks to the hard work of two volunteers, we now have an Instagram account in order to engage the younger generations in Malmesbury!

Catch up with us at: @malmesburyCAN

Join us for our first Malmesbury Digital Climate strike, building on the wonderful work of the Fridays For Future campaign. This Friday 22nd May – we’re asking anyone that would like to take part to send us in a picture of you, your children or your family holding up a sign with the #climatestrikeonline. You can make this any theme you want and feel free to get artsy with it. (Ps. You don’t need to be actually striking to take part either)

Feel free to post them on our Instagram, Facebook page, or upload them with the hashtag #MCANclimatestrike on Facebook or Instagram by tomorrow. With your contributions we’re hoping to make a lovely collage to show everyone that the people of Malmesbury are still fighting despite the lockdown!

If you’re not on Instagram, keep up with our active community on Facebook!

May Email Update

Each month, we try to send an email out to the wider network about the progress of the sub-groups, as well as other resources (such as webinars, festivals and articles that they may be interested in). Here is a copy of the May Email update – we hope you enjoy!

Dear all,

I hope that you and your families are safe and well.

A few updates from MCAN…

While we continue to work on the climate network here in Malmesbury (albeit a bit more slowly than pre-covid), we can use this time to push for change.

There have been many conversations, webinars, articles and campaigns covering how we can use this time to build a greener, fairer society. Many thanks to those in the network who shared these resources with us. We wanted to highlight a few of them here.

A few suggestions for practical actions you might want to get involved in…

Some fantastic articles for further reading (again recommended by others in the network)…

Finally, I am hoping to pull together a show for Malmesbury Community Radio, talking about our Climate Action Network – what we’ve been up to so far, what our plans are and so on. I would love to hear from anyone in the network who would like to contribute to the show or has any ideas for topics that we can tackle – whether that’s short spoken pieces (why we should be concerned about the climate, why community action is important, top tips/tricks etc), poetry readings, pro-environmental/pro-action song choices etc. All ideas and contributions gratefully received!
Do keep your resources and articles coming in for me to share.