Fighting the decision on Filands South

Robert Jenrick MP

Our county councillor, Gavin Grant, is urging us to write to the Secretary of State for Housing. Below is Gavin’s Facebook page. This is very important to this network. The Neighbourhood Plan, produced in consultation with Malmesbury’s community and voted upon here, is where we record what we want for the place we live, and can include vital sustainability concerns, that are relevant to planning. If this can be overridden, our power as citizens is eroded.

We have one final chance to halt the dire decision to allow the housing development at Filands South, that breaks our Neighbourhood Plan. If you want to back our local plan and make your voice known, please act now!Following representations, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government Robert Jenrick MP has told Wiltshire Council he is thinking about calling in this application for a review. If that happens, the review could overturn the approval decision.➡️Please email the Secretary of State today at

Urge him to call in the planning application decision for 19/11569/OUT Malmesbury for review. Tell him:

🔹It breaks the made Malmesbury Neighbourhood Plan

🔹It breaks a large number of Wiltshire Council’s core planning policies

🔹There is no shortage of housing development land in the north and west housing market area of Wiltshire.

🔹Malmesbury is already taking 200 more houses than required to do.

Thank you

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