MCAN June 2020 Update Part 2


Dear all,

I hope that you and your families are safe and well.

A few updates from MCAN…

We were thrilled to welcome Professor Waltham on 15th June – many thanks of you who came along virtually to the talk. We are working on adding his talk to our website so that it can be enjoyed at any time. We will let you know when this has been done.

There is much progress happening within our work streams.

  • The Transport Group are looking for the community to map out their priorities for improvements for the cycle and pedestrian routes between Parishes and Malmesbury and also within Malmesbury. If you are aware of a route, or believe there should be better linkages, we would be grateful if you could please take a screenshot and using a tool like Paint or Mark Up on a iPhone, map this out for us, so we can start compiling a picture of the priority areas.
  • In addition, there is work being carried out in Sherston, with a proposal to improve the signage on the Foxley Road as a way of encouraging more cycling between Sherston and Malmesbury. Find out more here and fill out the questionnaire here
  • The Resource Sharing Groupare looking for feedback to see whether a borrow shop is something you’d like to see in Malmesbury. They have a fantastic website which will tell you a little more about the plans. Please find the questionnaire for feedback here (less than 3mins long) 
  • Did you know that Fruitful Malmesburyhave developed an interactive map – areas within Malmesbury where there are trees/bushes producing fruit? Find out more here 
  • The project lead of the Community Energy group has also been having productive conversations with Lesley Bennet, Chair at Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy. More to come on this soon.
  • Did you know that Malmesbury has a youth green group? Back For The Future has paused meeting during covid, but the three young environmentalists who inspired the formation of the group have a fantastic website with tips, tricks, ideas and interviews. If you have young friends/relatives, please do point them in the direction of their website as the girls have lots of big ideas.

There have been many conversations, webinars, articles and campaigns covering how we can use this time to build a greener, fairer society. Many thanks to those in the network who shared these resources with us. 
A few suggestions for practical actions/readings you might find interesting…

Finally, we are still working on a radio show for the Community Radio – please do get in touch with your tips and tricks. We are also looking for people within the community to sit down with a member of the MCAN committee to talk about any/all sustainability/climate related issues – from vegetable planting to green recoveries. Please shout if this is you!

Do keep your resources and articles coming in for me to share.

Robert Jenrick MP

Fighting the decision on Filands South

Our county councillor, Gavin Grant, is urging us to write to the Secretary of State for Housing. Below is Gavin’s Facebook page. This is very important to this network. The Neighbourhood Plan, produced in consultation with Malmesbury’s community and voted upon here, is where we record what we want for the place we live, and can include vital sustainability concerns, that are relevant to planning. If this can be overridden, our power as citizens is eroded.

We have one final chance to halt the dire decision to allow the housing development at Filands South, that breaks our Neighbourhood Plan. If you want to back our local plan and make your voice known, please act now!Following representations, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government Robert Jenrick MP has told Wiltshire Council he is thinking about calling in this application for a review. If that happens, the review could overturn the approval decision.➡️Please email the Secretary of State today at

Urge him to call in the planning application decision for 19/11569/OUT Malmesbury for review. Tell him:

🔹It breaks the made Malmesbury Neighbourhood Plan

🔹It breaks a large number of Wiltshire Council’s core planning policies

🔹There is no shortage of housing development land in the north and west housing market area of Wiltshire.

🔹Malmesbury is already taking 200 more houses than required to do.

Thank you

Tree planting

Here are the 225 trees which were due to be planted in Spring but due to the lockdown restrictions they are currently planted in Julie’s garden:

The trees are a range of different species from Silver Birch, Rowan, Wild Cherry, Blackthorn and hedge saplings consist of Dog Rose, Hawthorn, Hazel, Crab Apple, Dogwood These would have been planted in a range of different places that were picked out to benefit Malmesbury as a town. And Helping The Community Of Malmesbury will always be proud of picking these locations. As soon as possible we hope to get them planted in the proper locations. We have many ideas for the future we would like to do to benefit Malmesbury’s environment.

Lockdown idea

Lockdown Campaign Idea: Write to our Councillors to ask them to consider their approach to mowing down verges, teeming with wildlife. Have a look at the campaign for #nomowmay – the National Trust is one of many participants.

New Event: Virtual Talk 7pm 15th June

We’re thrilled to welcome Professor David Waltham for the inaugural event of our FREE “Climate Conversations” series, with his talk “Flattening the Greenhouse Gas Curve”.  

The event will be recorded and taking place via Zoom.

Find out more here:

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

*The talk will be recorded and uploaded to our website afterwards

The Blue Campaign – what’s it all about?

We were recently made aware of the Blue Campaign which…

  1. Asks Councils to “allocate areas of land which you manage to wildflower meadow. This would mean an annual cut-and-collect followed by little or no maintenance, reducing your costs and carbon footprint, whilst encouraging wildlife to re-inhabit the area”
  2. Working with Plantlife, provides best practice guidance for Councils to consider managing verges
  3. Provides templates to encourage the public to write to our District and Town Councillors to raise awareness of the campaign

Our neighbours in Stroud Town Council, Chipping Sodbury Town Council, and South Gloucestershire Council are leading the way on this…. time to take action Wiltshire!

Find out more here:

Resource Sharing in Action: The Heals Tech/Bike Donation Campaign

Our friends at Heals Malmesbury support people in Malmesbury and surrounding villages who may be in poverty, vulnerable or disadvantaged.

As part of their Covid-19 response, they are asking for the community to take part in resource sharing by donating any unwanted and unused tech equipment and bikes, that can be cleaned up and passed along to a family or individual in need.

If you have a piece of technical equipment – for example old iPads, Computers and Laptops that you’d like to donate to the scheme – there are collection points in both of the Co-ops in Malmesbury. Please speak to a member of staff or Manager within the shop who can point you to the drop off point.

If you have a bike to donate, please give Heals an email on  so that you can organise safe collection/drop off.