We now have an Instagram!

Thanks to the hard work of two volunteers, we now have an Instagram account in order to engage the younger generations in Malmesbury!

Catch up with us at: @malmesburyCAN

Join us for our first Malmesbury Digital Climate strike, building on the wonderful work of the Fridays For Future campaign. This Friday 22nd May – we’re asking anyone that would like to take part to send us in a picture of you, your children or your family holding up a sign with the #climatestrikeonline. You can make this any theme you want and feel free to get artsy with it. (Ps. You don’t need to be actually striking to take part either)

Feel free to post them on our Instagram, Facebook page, or upload them with the hashtag #MCANclimatestrike on Facebook or Instagram by tomorrow. With your contributions we’re hoping to make a lovely collage to show everyone that the people of Malmesbury are still fighting despite the lockdown!

If you’re not on Instagram, keep up with our active community on Facebook!


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