May Email Update

Each month, we try to send an email out to the wider network about the progress of the sub-groups, as well as other resources (such as webinars, festivals and articles that they may be interested in). Here is a copy of the May Email update – we hope you enjoy!

Dear all,

I hope that you and your families are safe and well.

A few updates from MCAN…

While we continue to work on the climate network here in Malmesbury (albeit a bit more slowly than pre-covid), we can use this time to push for change.

There have been many conversations, webinars, articles and campaigns covering how we can use this time to build a greener, fairer society. Many thanks to those in the network who shared these resources with us. We wanted to highlight a few of them here.

A few suggestions for practical actions you might want to get involved in…

Some fantastic articles for further reading (again recommended by others in the network)…

Finally, I am hoping to pull together a show for Malmesbury Community Radio, talking about our Climate Action Network – what we’ve been up to so far, what our plans are and so on. I would love to hear from anyone in the network who would like to contribute to the show or has any ideas for topics that we can tackle – whether that’s short spoken pieces (why we should be concerned about the climate, why community action is important, top tips/tricks etc), poetry readings, pro-environmental/pro-action song choices etc. All ideas and contributions gratefully received!
Do keep your resources and articles coming in for me to share.


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